Last week I shot an ad spot for a promo on our network. It’s a 30 second commercial and everyone was really lovely and I met some great people, but the actual work of it, it made me so happy I’m not an actor. Acting is just so weird. It’s weird delivering dialogue with specific hand motions and your head held exactly so with a voice that isn’t your own and emphasis on words and parts of the sentence you wouldn’t normally emphasise. And that’s not even a whole different character.

Check out Jared Padalecki yesterday with Jensen Ackles on the Vancouver set of Supernatural pulling out his concerned face, and his “oh that’s so surprising!” face in the same scene. When they cut it all together with music and effects etc they make it look so natural and not awkward. But when it’s actually happening? Trust me it feels not natural and awkward. How could it not? It’s pretending! And if you’re pretending so much that the un-real stars to feel real...well, um, isn’t that in itself not natural and awkward???

Anyway, Jared was also at the Adele show the other night. A reader called Kristen saw him there with his wife. Some idiot stood up at one point during the performance and started filming him with her small digital camera. He glared at her which... of course he did. I don’t know why you’d go to an Adele concert and spend your time shooting Jared Padalecki and his wife. Then again, I also don’t know why people go to concerts and spend their time iphoning the concert. It’s like ordering from the TV. You are never going to use what you order from the TV. It always ends up in a corner in the back of the closet, unopened. It’s the same with these videos. Something done because not doing something isn’t normal anymore.

Photos from PUNKD Images