Love Jason Bateman. This is Jason Bateman in New York yesterday, there to shoot The Baster with Jennifer Aniston who could not risk being seen yesterday morning, hidden under a huge hood, until Chris McMillan could blow her hair out at which point, as you can see, all smiles for the paps. And she really does look great in those jeans with flats. No more boot cut boots!

Anyway… what’s The Baster about? Rachel Green gets pregnant via turkey baster but finds out 7 years later that her best friend swapped the sperm with his own. The MiniVan will never tire of Rachel Green.

The film will also include mean scenes, specifically targeted at overweight and ugly women and boys struggling with blemishes. Here’s what they’re casting for:

  • heavy set women (sic) who is able to ride a bike and comfortable in provocative wardrobe who is comfortable having profanities shouted at her
  • a woman with a round face, small eyes, and upturned nose who is comfortable having profanities shouted out at her
  • a rail thin teen boy with bad skin, bad acne

Yay for Girl Power!

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