Can we take a moment to enjoy Jason Bateman? That doesn’t require an explanation, does it? And he looks SO GOOD here at The Green Lantern premiere last night. SO good. Those freckles! And young, still, without looking DONE. Boyish without any pull? This is my problem sometimes with Rob Lowe’s face. Sometimes it looks a little Michael Jacksony.

Jason showed up to support his friend and co-star Ryan Reynolds. They’re next up in The Change Up due for release in August. The trailer is below and I think it’s red band so be careful if you’re at work. I wanted to love it, feel about it the way I feel about Bad Teacher, any comedy I’m excited to see. It’s not that I hated it, no, but ... it was ... just medium, right? That however may be a good sign. Lately trailers have been misleading. You have high hopes, and then the sh-t comes out and it really is the sh-t. I can’t say I’m super excited about the premise either. I am however excited about his chemistry with Ryan Reynolds. They seem...similar that way.

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