Apparently all that talk about an Arrested Development movie is “premature”, despite Jeffrey Tambor’s recent remarks that the film version of the criminally underrated show is imminent.

Entertainment Weekly
reports that we’re still a long, long way from making it a reality and Jason Bateman, when asked by the magazine, seemed to confirm it, albeit hilariously:

"They are trying to decide if they can make it for the money they need. Michael Cera is a huge star now...with a huge star attitude to go with it. His salary will probably be the holdup."

Am quivering without even having to see him.

But enough of the loins for a moment…let’s examine this travesty, shall we?

The inanity of Friends is worth a full length feature but the brilliance of AD is not?


What could they possibly do to fill 90 minutes worth of Friends to put on the big screen without making me want to gouge my eyes out with Phoebe’s smelly cat? How much of Jennifer Aniston twirling her hair and tweaking her hard nipples can we possibly take? Because really…that’s all it will be.

Jen’s hair and breasts cast in supporting roles, Matthew Perry overkilling his patented Chandler – can this sh*t BE any lamer?

Attached – various photos of hot JB around the world promoting Hancock. According to critics, he’s the best part of the movie which is, almost unanimously, complete garbage.

Photos from Flynetonline.com