Here’s Jason Bateman at the premiere of Paul the other night. Love him so much. While promoting Paul however he was asked by MTV about – what we all want to know! – Arrested Development, the movie. Jason recently met with Mitch Hurwitz who told him he’s working intensely on it, and that a script should be done by the end of the year, at least, and the ideas are amazing, and it’s looking promising. Very, very promising.


Talk about a wide range of topics though. While interviewed by another outlet, Bateman also managed to discuss Justin Bieber. This might be my favourite quote of the week. Picture him saying it:

"I have a four-year-old daughter who disturbingly has the Bieber fever, so she demanded that we take her to go see that movie. So my wife and I took her and it was good and it was going along great... and I'm balling like a little school girl, because it's very, very touching. It's, like, this great movie." (Source

Love the clever use of “the” before Bieber fever. Makes such a difference. And…

“Balling like a little school girl” is killing me.

Anyway, the Paul trailer is below. And Bieber met his wax figure in London yesterday.

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