I heard from many of you following his iPad incident saying I was being too harsh in judging his queue jumping and the sh-t he took for it afterwards followed by his dumbass excuse and then subsequent retraction of said excuse and offer of apology. Because he’s cute and funny?

It was a dick move. It was several dick moves. Would I have cut the line? Actually no. If you have to cut the line you may as well send your assistant to squat in the line for you. Or get your publicist to call Apple and have one delivered to your office on the celebrity list.

If he wants to front like he’s a civilian and get up early and wait like the commoners, he has to play that sh-t from beginning to end. You can’t just pick up midway through the second act and become an entirely different character altogether. And no, there were no “paps”. It was ONE pap. It was an exclusive set of photos. It was a long lens. And following that up with excuses for it afterwards only made it worse. Think about it – if it had been Megan Fox, you’d have been all over her ass with rage so yeah, let’s call it for what it is: Jason Bateman, dick moves.

What sets him apart from Megan Fox however is the reputation. She f-cks up all the time. He f-cked up one time. So you get over his Dick Move a lot quicker.

This is Jason on the weekend shooting Horrible Bosses. He plays a victim of a Horrible Boss. The Horrible Bosses include Kevin Spacey – I would NOT want to be tortured by Kevin Spacey – Colin Farrell, and Jennifer Aniston with whom he’ll soon begin promotion on The Switch which used to be called The Baster, which looks like it sorta might be a cute movie, because of HIM, but that title...

Even Remember When I Snuck In My Sperm would be a better one.

Photos from Wenn.com