We went party hopping on Saturday night, dragged our asses back to the lobby bar at the hotel late at night, my producer Dean and I looked at each other and had to make a confession – totally embarrassing but had to be done: the highlight of the evening was meeting Howie D from the Backstreet Boys. And we had a GREAT time. The parties were crazy, crazy fun.


But still… I’m not going to lie: I can sing all the words to I Want it That Way. I liked Backstreet. Once upon a time I was Backstreet over N Sync. And even though Backstreet is dead cold, even though I’m an old crusty bitch, in spite of all that, inside there was a little squealing.

I’m sorry.

So Howie is managing artists now. Meet his protégé George. Just George. Canadian R&B, baby baby baby face, definitely teenypop, he’s half Japanese which is why he looks like an embryo but we saw him rollin’ with a harem of go-go dancers later on so believe me, he might be young but he’s certainly not that innocent.

Anyway, back to Howie. He’s very little. But sooooo nice. And polite. Really polite. And he says the “Boys” are workin’ on a new album. Which, really, is the only thing wrong with him. SO wrong.

Source Dose.ca