Lainey, Quick Question. What the hell is up with Ricky Martin? Is he gay or what? He was hot at one point but as far as I know, never publicly dated anyone. All of a sudden, he fell off the face of the earth and emerged as a speedo-wearing fag, kicking up the sand at the beach with his clone-like buddy. In the pics, it looks as if any second, they will be yanking the speedos off of each other and taking a trip to Brokeback Mountain. Not that Ricky is that important in my life, but I AM intrigued. Liz from lemont Dear Liz: Gay gay gay gay gay. If not only because of the rumours but also because my husband took one look at this photo of Ricky trying to play catch and said, "No straight dude throws like that, I don"t care what you say." You probably already know this but the last I heard, buzz around smut town is that he"s gettin" down and dirty with that cute little interior designer from the Oprah show. I think his name is Nate. He"s the one who lost his boyfriend in the tsunami. All speculation of course and maybe it"s over by now but people seemed to be pretty convinced at the time. As for why no one is talking about it… well, like you said, he fell off the face of the earth - and no one cared. Another example of a poorly executed PR strategy. Remember at the height of his fame when he refused to either confirm or deny the gayness? It all went downhill from there, y"all. Poor Ricky. He should have learned from George Michael"s sorry example. Now look at him. Ricky Martin once owned the Grammys. And these day he"s barely b-list. Tragic, non?