Talk about a famewhore milking everything she"s got out of this. Tabloids and pappies were on full alert this weekend for any signs of the two of them making it official. And even though US Weekly is claiming they brought the March 11th wedding date to you first, I"m going to trust that you know exactly where you heard it even before Janice Min took credit. That"s right, y"all. You heard it right here, a full 2 weeks before anyone else. At press time however, there has been no confirmation of anything. My sources are reporting that all was quiet at Keith"s Nashville home this weekend and that neither of them has been seen since Thursday night. While many are on the lookout for an Australian ceremony, my people still believe they are hunkered down in Nashville, going undercover intentionally to whip us into a frenzy. But two interesting reports have recently crossed my desk. Exclusive, of course. The first has to do with Oscar night and George Clooney. Word is a reporter paid a waiter to hover around the couple for any insight. At one point, George came up to them to congratulate them in advance of their March 11th plans and Nicole replied that everything has now been "moved to June". Two days later, another spy caught her mid conversation on her cell, visibly agitated, and he claims to have heard her say "the baby is your priority, but what about me? What about ME?" before clicking off. And you don"t need a Ph.D. in gossip to figure out who she might have been talking to. On a final note - to those of you desperately trying to hang on to the notion that this is indeed true love and won"t stop reminding me of it in your angry emails - I"m all for casting aside smutty skepticism once in a while for certain couples who seem too good to be true. Hey, everyone needs to believe in the fairy tale. But this ain"t the couple to hang your hopes on. They might not be card carrying members of a certain Church but that doesn’t mean Nicole isn"t above approaching love in the same way she"d go about negotiating a film role. You haven"t forgotten that she spent 9 years getting trained in the art of manipulative illusion, have you?