If you DO NOT condone the gaygay or if you are offended by gay culture and the lifestyle, DO NOT READ FURTHER. Consider yourself warned. So Lance Bass is gay. … …. Really??? Well colour me homo, I had NO idea! And this cover shot of him doesn"t give it away either! Sweet Goddess… can we please get past the dog days of gossip summer? Next thing you know they"ll be throwing Donatella Versace up there with a caption reading: I"m Ugly. F*ck. If I wasn"t so hot in this crazy Vancouver humidity, I"d actually be insulted. Anyway…moving right along… can we talk about more important gays? A boyband queer with aspirations for space travel really doesn"t flutter my feathers. I prefer defending George Michael. Yes, THE George Michael who enjoys trolling through public restrooms and parks for a little bit o" nasty on the side. As I said the other day, nature f&cking ain"t my thing and I"d much prefer if he just turned on his laptop but hey, if it"s covered up and safe, I could care less. Because his boyfriend couldn"t care less. And that, my fellow gossips, is why some say the gaygay way is the most enlightened way. As longtime readers already know, je suis faghag longtime. Now maybe it"s just me and maybe it"s just my crew of degenerate homos, but it is not uncommon for the fair boys to not be monogamous. Don"t know how they do it since I happen to be petty jealous raging bitch and yet for them, sex does not always equal emotion. Sex is just sex. Sex is 30 minutes of physical pleasure with no strings attached that does not infringe upon commitment and caring and true partnership. I find it endlessly fascinating, like living vicariously. Naturally, there are different standards for different relationships. For some, it"s the travel thing. As long as both partners are not in the same city, anything goes. Then there are others who are totally fine with an internet hook up once a week, as long as it"s not at home. Mixed in with all this is the occasional menage. Fishing together, a little spice now and again, so long as all communication ends on that night. Now I"m not saying it"s ALL like that, I"m just saying it"s not as rare as you think. And when it"s done right, I"m told it"s not only liberating, it"s also quite rewarding - adds to the union - if you can handle it. The bottom line, however, is that it"s ALLOWED. And in George Michael"s case…it"s clearly allowed. Which is why Kenny Goss isn"t leaving him. Which is why they are still getting married, although I"m sure the million pounds doesn"t hurt either. But seriously, the fact that he"s scratching his itch in other places is really not a big deal. What IS a big deal is why he has such bad taste. Getting your groove on with a nubile little Cirque du Soleil dancer is one thing. Hittin" up some smelly middle aged fart is a different animal altogether.