Remember last year Hot Harry on a Horse was doing some army training in Calgary and he hooked up with a few tarty skanks at Cowboys? It’s the establishment where women who work there shove their titties in mens’ faces for extra tips.

Anyway… turns out life is kinda the sh*ts for Smith Jerrod, even after the success of the Sex & the City movie because Jason Lewis has resorted to getting paid for low budget appearances AFTER the release of the film. Seriously…at this point, he’s almost Mischa Barton.

But the best…the BEST is that when in Calgary my sources tell me he allegedly hooked up last week with the same classy broad who lured Hot Harry. At Cowboys. Of course. Apparently her name is Cherie Cymbalisty. The kind of name that doesn’t require a face, the kind of name that speaks through a pair of legs spread wide open. This photo just appeared in my inbox.

Unfortunately there’s a poor girl in Vancouver who had him the night before who thought she had a shot at being his girlfriend. Oops. Sorry.