That is a hat box, right?

Jason Momoa arrived at LAX yesterday, in one hand a pillow, in the other a hatbox me this is amazing. That he wanted to wear a hat so badly on his flight but didn’t want to get it crushed during the flight so he went to the trouble to carry a hat box. I’ve flown with a hat before. And that has always been my dilemma. Where the f-ck do I put it while I’m sleeping with my mouth open? Now I fly economy unless I get an upgrade and upgrades are never guaranteed and don’t happen all that often. In business class you have a lot more space, definitely a little corner to protect a hat. Jason evidently felt he needed something a little more sturdy. Or maybe the hatbox is for something else entirely. A much more important hat. Either way, I’m kind of obsessed. But that just may be a part of my ongoing obsession with how celebrities travel, specifically in the way of their baggage.

This is not the first time I’ve seen Jason in a hat. He was all over Comic-Con with a hat. Saw him at the Lionsgate party with a top hat, tips, and a lot of black eyeliner. He is just as massive in real life as you’d expect him to be from Game of Thrones. And Conan. That night he seemed like he’d had a few. Rolled in with a wingman and wasn’t very steady on his feet. I’m not saying he was Lohan and about to faceplant or out of control or anything. Just... it wasn’t entirely a straight line. He does have the air of a total boss about him though but not in a super arrogant way and I remember thinking to myself, when you look like that, such an imposing figure, what’s the alternative to moving like a total boss? What would it look like if Jason Momoa were to skulk into a room like a timid wretch? Whatever. The point is the man is an impressive physical presence, and they are trying to bank on that with Conan next week. Everyone at that party kept telling me it’s a great movie. Of course that’s what they’re paid to do. I do think that there is an audience for it though. To me, it makes more sense for him to have an audience in that genre than, say, Gerard Butler.

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