Jason Momoa is ridiculously hot. Ridiculous.

This is Jason Momoa the other day at a movie premiere just after the season finale of Game of Thrones which I still haven’t seen because it’s been too busy blah blah blah but I plan to get to it this weekend, perhaps Sunday. As I’ve already mentioned several times though, SPOILER ALERT....



I don’t expect Khal Drogo to survive. He was barely hanging on in the penultimate episode and besides, there’s nowhere for him to go in the story. Same goes for the Khaleesi if he were to survive.

You can however get more of Jason, if he’s your flavour, in the new Conan the Barbarian. It’s due for release in August. And maybe he’ll be at Comic-Con...did you hear? Just announced this week, Game of Thrones will have a panel there. And, gulp, I’ve also been assigned for 5 days to cover for etalk. Please. I’m on it. I’m begging for an interview. Not so much with Jason – he’s awesome, sure, but there are other priorities – but with Emilia Clarke, or even Littlefinger, and Kit Harington. OMG.

It’s a month away. I will not think of it. Back to Jason – he’s just been cast opposite Stallone in a new film called Bullet in the Head. And Conan hasn’t even hit theatres yet. If you’re the Rock, do you worry?

Photos from Wenn.com