There’s a lot of television promotion happening right now around the TCA press tour. The Hallmark Channel hosted an event the other night. Jason Priestley directed an upcoming Hallmark MOV called Goodnight for Justice starring Luke Perry. Then Jennie Garth showed up. Please. Brandon, Dylan, and Kelly in a room?

You cannot expect that I wouldn’t write about this.

It’s too bad the three of them didn’t pose together.

They’re all holdin’ it together pretty good, non? Jennie’s hair is not working for me though. At all. It’s like Kristen Wiig doing Suze Orman. And that dress…

That dress is a French manicure and the MiniVan Majority on a Woo Girl weekend to Vegas.

I typed Brandon, Dylan, and Kelly in YouTube and this is what came up. Amazing how 3 minutes can spin into another 3 minutes, and so on until suddenly I’ve lost half an hour on a show I watch over and over again anyway.