No Country for Old Men is the most critically film of the year positioning Javier Bardem and a surprising Josh Brolin as possible Oscar contenders.

Javier always. But Josh? Yes…Josh. Now no longer known as just Barbra Streisand’s stepson and Diane Lane’s husband who may or may not be a wife beater stemming from an incident during which the cops were called to the house on domestic abuse claims, Josh is finally the centre of his own attention.

By the way, Diane immediately dropped the accusations and the couple have insisted that it was just a dramatic argument taken too far. There have been no other indications since…and they remain happily married. Although when I saw him at TIFF he spent a lot of time without her at the bar in the Hazelton. Just sayin’…

Professionally however it’s turning into a banner year. Josh is receiving high praise for his performance in No Country for Old Men and both he and Javier looked the hotness last night at the Gotham Awards, just the latest in a list of older actors finding success in their late 30s and early 40s.

George Clooney of course. And then most recently Jason Bateman, Patrick Dempsey (refound), and now Josh.

Could this ever happen with chicks?

Photos from Splash