Remember when Bane was supposed to be super scary and...he wasn’t?

A new international trailer for Bond has just been released. Javier Bardem looks terrifying. And you have already seen Bardem be terrifying in No Country For Old Men. It was the breathing and it was that f-cking hair. Maybe the key for him is the hair. Because his hair in Bond is frightening too. Then he starts hissing at 007 about mommies and I feel it, I really do. I feel like we may have finally found a proper villain for the year.

Is it just me or did they cut it on purpose to draw the parallel? In the trailers for The Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway keeps going on about how Bane is the scariest dude of all. And here, this woman keeps going on about the fear -- “not like him”.

Suddenly I am very, very excited about Bond Skyfall.

Let’s revisit how f-ckng crazy Bardem looked in No Country. Juxtapose that with how f-cking hot he is when he’s not being crazy. Crazy.