When asked recently by Elle (thanks Benita!) whether or not he makes the ladies fall in love with him on set, Javier Bardem downplayed his own sexy beasty-ness and instead decided to mancrush all over Brad Pitt:

“No, no. I’m not Brad Pitt. I had the great opportunity to meet Brad a couple of times…what a beauty! He is beautiful and his physicality is so amazing to see. But the beauty really comes from different places—the way he talks, the way he’s interested in what you’re saying. And that body is like—wow! It’s amazing, no? He really made me feel very, like…I don’t know, like, I could fall in love with him! Like a teenager girl getting crazy and going [screams] like that. I met him only twice, but so nice, so…generous and very true to himself, and I don’t know him that well, but I would say it’s a good self. And that is when the beauty comes voom! And if you have a body besides that, then it’s like, f-ck!”

Hot, right?

Really hot right now, beardless and filming Moneyball in Long Beach yesterday. Brad Pitt voices a role in Megamind, panelling at Comic-Con today. They keep hoping he’s going to show because Angelina Jolie is showing for Salt at the same time. Will let you know if and when the rumble begins.

As for Angelina, she was photographed with her assistant leaving her stylist’s yesterday, perhaps picking up today’s ensemble? How will she tweak up the fanboys?

The Jolie was asked on the carpet at the LA premiere the other night about those reports that she’ll soon be following in Elizabeth Taylor’s footsteps and playing Cleopatra. She said she’d be “honoured” to but that a script isn’t ready. She also addressed recent rumours that she’ll take on Ms Taylor herself in the film adaptation of Furious Love – click here for my Furious Love review. I approve of Angelina’s answer:

"I have never heard that before. I don't think that anybody could be Elizabeth Taylor better than Elizabeth Taylor."

Yes. Because it’s an unplayable part.

But apparently Hollywood wants to f-ck around with this (more details here) and Catherine Zeta Jones could take on the role with either Colin Farrell or Clive Owen as Richard Burton...what?

Please don’t do this.

It’s not possible. It’s actually almost criminal.

In other Jolie Pitt news, they’ve won their battle with the nefarious News of the World for reporting that a split was imminent earlier this year. Something about consulting a divorce lawyer and splitting up the children. The story was widely circulated. However the divorce lawyer subsequently countered that he’d never met the couple and the paper now has to pay damages and print an apology. Details here. So until next week and another shady tabloid headline, the Pitts are not over.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and CelebrityJuicer/Splashnewsonline.com