He is a giant of a man. So tall, so sexy, so strong, so… MAN. We watched him stalking the carpet, full of nervous energy but chill at the same time. We watched him pose at the photo wall – something about the way he planted his legs firmly on the spot… it was like a challenge to photographers: hurry up, I don’t have time for this, there are many women I need to make love to.

Seriously, his hotness was coming up like wafts to the balcony, and every five seconds, Tanya and I would buckle from the quivering.

Was even worse in the press room at closer range. I think every woman in there was in heat by the time he’d stepped on to the podium, and then when he started answering the Spanish press in Spanish, it was over. I’m telling you – some chick started grunting, it is OBSCENE hot sexy he is.

Javier and Penelope were careful to avoid each other. Like stupidly careful. So careful it became obvious. Whatever.

They hooked up afterwards for a raging night – Javier especially. He was drunk at the Miramax party and surrounded by a huge gathering, telling stories, singing at the top of this lungs – not in an obnoxious drunk guy kind of way but in that “coolest guy in the room” kind of way.

Then he and Pene hit up Clooney’s party where Javier could not be removed from the karaoke. Hee.

As they were leaving, I’m told Penelope had her hand looped around his neck, rubbing his ear. She apparently looks tiny next to him and when the car came he scooped her one arm by the ass and put her in the back seat. She was giggling when he joined her… and I want to believe the rest of the night was a fantasy told in Spanish and laced with sweat. Damn.