Thanks to Kristi for the link...from Angelina"s appearance on Good Morning America today during which she discussed the issue of another pregnancy and another adoption. She said she"s on the pill. And she said this because their next move is going to be to adopt. So does this negate all speculation coming out of that trip to the gynie earlier today? If you missed that post, click here for a refresher. In other words - not pregnant? Or is her uber-fertility combined with his uber-sperm no match for birth control? Ah yes. Yet another layer of divinity on top of the Chosen Couple - can you imagine? As for adding to their family, Angelina explained that the adoption route would help "balance how their children perceive their family", suggesting that Maddox and Zahara may want to have other siblings from their own cultures to relate to. And then of course there was the discussion of parenting. The kind of parent she is, the kind of parent Brad is. In her words - guaranteed to make the crazy Brangelinas lose their sh-t: "He really enjoys them. He woke up very, very early this morning and let me sleep in because I had this interview. ... Dealing with the two girls and bottles and food, which is not easy to do, on his own, for quite a few hours this morning so I could rest. ... He"s just a really great partner, a great, great man." Goddess knows I love them but... ummmm... don"t you think they"d have a nanny for at least some of that? Please. Source