I.Am.In.Love. Seriously, the man is a star! Just came back from working the premiere tonight and his show was the hottest ticket so far – harder to get than Babel! The crowd went wild for him, absolutely frickin’ wild, and I’m telling you, Borat did not disappoint, although the projector screwed up the screening and had to be rescheduled. Anyway, he rolls up on a donkey, on top of an old rickety cart, pulled by village peasant women from “Kazakhstan”, thumbs up, grinning that dumb ass grin, high fiving his fans who kept chanting his name, and asking him to make “a sexy time” together. So he walks the carpet, stops for several interviews, including one with my eTalk colleague Zain Meghji and then…then I had my moment with Borat. Or more accurately, Zain pushed me into a moment with Borat. Captured on tape. Watch it Friday on eTalk and if you don’t live in Canada, you can access it on Broadband or check back here on Saturday for a full description. Finally…Isla Fischer. She was there to support her man, she was a tiny, tiny little thing, slender but in a healthy way, really pretty, so sweet to everyone, and truly enthusiastic about Borat’s success. Sat in the theatre towards the back, clapped wildly when he came out, even jumped up and down a little bit, totally adorable. But her Australian accent freaks me out (thanks Kylie), only because I think I’ll always see her as that scene-stealing horndog freak in Wedding Crashers. And THAT is what Borat gets to go home to every night. Lucky bitch. Ps. Yes, I have wonky eye. Didn"t I tell you it was the new black???