My only problem with Beyonce is that she insists on polluting the red carpet with those godawful clothes her mother keeps sewing together. The poor girl has done gold lame, she"s done sequins and feathers, she"s worn cut out leather and spandex, and she has even modelled a crushed velvet purple leotard and tried to pass it off as tasteful. What I always say about B is that she is better in black. She is, in fact, gorgeous in black. Because this girl is so attractive and so juicy and so well endowed on her own natural terms that ostentatious accoutrements only serve to take away from her Goddess-given beauty. Take a look at this recent photo of Beyonce at some poker event with her man Jay Z. Simple, luscious, gorgeous. Ok, maybe there"s a slight bangle overkill happening here but overall, I think it"s safe to say that Miss B is looking pretty damn foine.