Whatever happened to Pia Zadora? Dear Colleen, Damn. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Highly doubtful that many of the under 25 set who read this column would even know who she is. Long story short – she was a minor actress/singer whose major claim to fame is that she won a Golden Globe like literally out of the blue in the early 80s for a role that was clearly not deserving of it. Major scandal ensues, allegations of corruption sweep the Hollywood Foreign Press Association because she was married to a gazillionaire at the time who may or may not have bribed the win for her, and she has since dropped off the scene. I honestly have no idea what happened to her, other than the fact that I always thought she was attractive on Solid Gold and especially liked her hair. My cousin Cat will deny this to her death, I’m sure, but we totally tried to tease our way to Pia’s heights during sleepovers when we were young and mindless. This of course was also during the days when we would rehearse our special rendition of “What a Feeling” in her bedroom with a tape recorder and 2 hairbrushes for microphones. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone else has this exact same memory???