As you already know, Jake wasn"t there on Monday night. Three out of the four major stars of Brokeback showed up and he decided not to come. Why? Well the official answer is that he was working. A new movie called Zodiac. Apparently he couldn"t get the night off. Oh really??? Somehow I highly doubt it. The Globes are a MAJOR Hollywood event. I"m sure any studio executive and any film producer could work around it. Trust me on this one, especially since the shoot is based in LA. And while he did show up at an after party later on in the evening (from Pop Sugar), I think we all know what the truth is…because I"ve been yapping about it for months: Jakey-poo is a whiney, sulky bitch, clearly not man enough to handle the fact that someone else is getting more attention than he is. So on second thought - maybe he should get back together with Kiki. If you ask me, they"re perfect for each other.