Everybody loves Sofia Coppola and the A-list proved it last night at a special screening of Marie Antoinette. Kiki rocked, more on that later, but note three other starlets who arrived in opposing fashion – two clients of the embattled Rachel Zoe, stylist and alleged meth pusher to the skinny clique, and Drew Barrymore looking cute and casual armed with a fag. Mischa and Lindsay - this just ain’t right. Only 20 each, over a decade younger than Ms Barrymore… and you can’t tell even tell. No freshness, no glow, no lustre, just dead druggie eyes, dead splotchy skin, dead limp hair… as someone who just turned 33, who wistfully looks back at 20, I consider this a travesty. Some sh*t just never comes back, you know what I mean? Photo source