2nd annual Vanity Fair Green Issue – Leo on the cover and he looks hot. But hot as he is, Leo is not the star.

Little Knut is the star.

They were shot separately by Annie Leibovitz, put together for the cover, and these are a couple of the adorable outtakes from Knut’s shoot. I like the one where he’s crashed out at his keeper’s feet. Keeper"s name is Thomas.  Thomast slept with the little guy in a cage for weeks. Which is what makes him a sexy beast, even if he does look like a pervy freak.

And he’s even sexier when you watch the home movies, caring for Knut, feeding him, willing him to live after his brother died. Check it out here and here. I’m telling you, when you see Knut look up at Thomas and give him big wet kisses, I’m a bitch with a black heart but even I had to cry a little. So please forgive the preach: prioritise our planet.