Bitch has never looked better. Here’s Paris at her birthday party on Saturday, wonky eye perhaps blinding her to the unblended foundation left across her nose, and a few curious marks splashed across her chest. Is Paris cupping? You may recall, my Gwyneth caused a minor stir a few years ago when she showed up at movie premiere with a bare back (attached) emblazoned with strange circles – the result of a procedure called Cupping…some kind of fancy ass detox “asian” cleanse. My mother just called, I asked her about, in between her dictating to me her long list of birthday demands, and her response was… WAHHH? Hurff! (it’s like a guttural “huff” tinged with a Chinese accent – try it). In her words: Why you need the cupps-ing when Chinese soup every day and also dried orange peel welly welly good for the lung cleaning, I dung low, famous peepoh so funny. (translation: I don’t know, famous people so funny.) She does have a point you know… But back to Paris. Paris and her stains, Paris pulling a Gwynnie? Doubt it. Damn skank was probably letting the Greek Giant hot knife off her chest. Dumb ass. TMZ