Then again, it’s not hard to be better than The Love Guru. Woah wait. Wasn’t Jessica Alba in The Love Guru. Was she forced at gunpoint? Because, you know, she’s all discerning and sh-t right?

Anyway, there’s another Canadian who is making a movie about hockey. And, well, it sounds awesome. Jay Baruchel co-wrote the Goon script with Evan Goldberg. He’s shooting it right now in Winnipeg. Which I love. Because that’s the heart of it right there. If you’re going to make a movie about minor league hockey, Manitoba is authentic. And Baruchel claims this will be authentic:

“(Goon is for) hockey fans and f-cking fight fans.”

Dude, for some Canadians, many Canadians, that’s like porn.

Here’s an official production still from the studio featuring Baruchel and Seann William Scott, the lead actor in the film. Also attached – exclusive new photos of Liev Schreiber shooting scenes yesterday on the ice. Looks like he’ll be the rival enforcer? Kinda like Racki in Youngblood?




You know, Rob Lowe had a way with sex scenes, non? I need to get Youngblood on DVD.

Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, and Keanu Reeves ALL IN ONE MOVIE.

Exclusive photos from Punkd Images