Jay-Z and Leonardo DiCaprio were in A-Rod’s seats in New York yesterday to watch the Yankees go down 3 games to 1 to the Rangers last night. Texas could finish them off tonight.

Meanwhile Us Weekly is reporting exclusively that Jay and Beyonce are expecting. Apparently it was a surprise as Beysus, not yet 30, wasn’t ready to get pregnant just yet. She wanted to put out another album and tour once more before having a kid. Having said that, now that it’s happened – according to the magazine’s source – the two are cautiously thrilled. It’s early days.

As for Leo – he’s been in New York with his bff Tobey Maguire reading for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. Luhrmann has made it very clear though that he’s yet to commit to the project and that his final decision will be made in about a month. Right now he’s workshopping the script and according to Deadline, this is standard procedure for him, doesn’t mean he’ll go ahead – with the feature or with the actors who are involved.

In this case, it’s Leo for Gatsby, Tobey for Carraway, and Rebecca Hall for Daisy. I like Rebecca Hall for Daisy so much more than Amanda Seyfried for Daisy. It’s much less obvious. Luhrmann however is apparently also very interested in Natalie Portman for that part. Everyone wants to work with Natalie Portman right now.

Again, this is not final casting, although at this point it sounds like should Luhrmann go ahead, the only major question mark is the female lead. Will keep you posted.

Photos from Anthony J. Causi/Splashnewsonline.com