I like it in movies, usually gangster movies, when they talk about going to “the fights”. Or being at the “fights”. It feels old school, and glamourous. Beyonce and Jay Z were at the fights on Saturday night at Mandalay Bay in Vegas. The night before they were seen in the audience at the Britney Spears show. And they were definitely in LA the day before that. So the Carters were in the region, and totally ignoring that there was a “major music event” happening in the vicinity. In their minds, how major can it be if they’re not represented.

Being at the fights, however, is something different. You know why Beyonce loves the fights? It’s the classic glamour of it that I previously mentioned. But also think of that scene in Oceans Eleven, when Andy Garcia’s Terry Benedict is at the fights with his girlfriend, Julia Roberts as Tess. He’s the owner of the hotel(s). Going to the fights is an “owner” thing to do. A mobster thing to do, always accompanied by a moll. And Bey and Jay have always been fascinated by that imagery, but also the status. This is their brand. They are outsider owners, the new Queen and her CEO from the streets. It’s a powerful brand message, not only as an obvious reflection of power for power’s sake, but because “owners” haven’t always looked like they do. I want to believe that they know this, that they do it because they know this.