That’s right. I have it hard for Jay-Z. No, I hear you. Well aware he doesn’t have the face of David Beckham or Tom Brady. Well aware he’s not empirically good looking. Well aware he’s not your standard quiveration material.

Maybe it’s because he’s stanking rich. Maybe it’s the power thing. But I love his clothes. Love what he wore to Letterman yesterday. Am over the jacket and the scarf, the way his jeans are the perfect wash. The way they hang off his hips. And the low key shoes. Even like the black stitch Yankees cap. He’s a package. I like the package.

But Jay needs to pass on some of that style to his girlfriend, non? Bet your boob job he dies a little every time Tina designs something for Beyonce.

Jay is currently touring with Mary J Blige in what"s been called a killer show. I need tickets!

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