Arguments for:

  • Success is sexy. Jay-Z now has more #1 albums than Elvis, second ONLY to the Beatles. Let me repeat that for you: only the Beatles have more #1 albums than Jay-Z. Jay-Z owns the f-cking world
  • With success comes influence and power. Jay-Z is a star and a star-maker and a star marrier. Status, baby. All status.
  • He wears the sh-t out of his clothes. Style, baby. All style.
  • He and Beyonce have become an iconic couple in their own right. He won the most coveted girl in the business.
  • Even the Mighty Oprah likes him now
  • It’s time for a non-white SMA. So far there’s only been Denzel Washington. Will Smith would be a natural. But Will isn’t campaigning this year. And Jay is on tour, he’s just released the Blueprint 3 with kick ass results, the timing works for sure.

Arguments against:

  • The SMA is, more often than not, conventionally attractive. Jay-Z doesn’t exactly embody the empirical standard of sexiness. And certainly not for the People Magazine demographic.
  • Some of them, in some neighbourhoods, are probably still afraid of him. This, after all, is the same subscriber base that made Jon and Kate famous. Many of them are ignorant.
  • Rap is not MiniVan friendly. And while some members of the MiniVan are blasting Empire State of Mind right now because – oh it’s just SUUUUCH a great song! – Jay-Z is simply not the fantasy man for those most likely to take four dollars out of their wallets at the supermarket.
  • Most SMAs are actors. The ones who are not actors are American royalty. A musician will rise to the top one day. But there are many musicians ahead of Jay-Z who can sell many more magazines than Jay-Z.

Odds: 30 to 1