All this Justin and Selena loving is giving me the googly hearts!

So Beyonce performed on American Idol the other night. As always, she f-ckin’ stomped it. The wind machine, the vocals, the moves, that girl is the Ultimate Entertainer. In any era, but especially in this one. Now I’ve sh-t on Beyonce before because, well, if you pull a douchebag diva move, you’re going to get called.

But behaviour doesn’t dictate talent. And on talent and commitment, Beyonce throws it down with the best of them. There may only be three or four, max five. And no conversation about performing can continue without including her. It takes a gift, sure, but it’s also a lot of hard work. Beyonce works HARD. Like Outliers 10,000 hours hard. Did you see her I Am Sasha Fierce World Tour video? There was a hint of it in there – the 10,000 hours, the intense LABOUR involved in putting something like that together and actually be involved as opposed to being spoon-fed through it like Britney Spears – but definitely not enough. I wish they’d be more willing to show the sweat and the frustration behind the scenes, and then the payoff afterwards. I guess with celebrity there’s always a question of how much “real” they want you to see.

Like, of course Britney can’t do a live interview. She can barely stand herself up, let alone manage to ask her brain to send words to her mouth to be spoken out loud that actually form a proper thought. The “real” where Fried Chicken is concerned needs to be governed and guarded closely.

With Beyonce though, the “real”, well, it’s hardly something that needs hiding.

Jay-Z posted this video of B on his site warming up in her dressing room before her second Idol number. He called it “Pregame” and he’s basically praising his wife, celebrating her artistry, totally worshipping her, that she can deliver this without embellishment or trickery. In his words:

“Sometimes you need perspective. You’ve been right in front of greatness so often that you need to step back and see it again for the first time. This is the dressing room rehearsal for American Idol. NO MICROPHONE. No effects.”

Now B is awesome, no doubt. And you’ll hear this and it will be impressive, for sure. But isn’t it also so SO sweet? And hot? I’ve said this before about B and J together and I’m going to keep repeating it because it’s my favourite, favourite thing about them – who ELSE could they have possibly married? She picked the one guy who is her equal, and he picked the one girl who cannot be beat. Right? Most of them don’t choose so well. Most of them always choose below.

And besides, as a girl, isn’t this, this tribute, so much better than some photo like “check out my hot sexy ass wife” or, “goddamn I married the most beautiful girl in the world”?

Maybe I’m still starry eyed from Justin Bieber’s Romance of the Year, but I do truly believe that Jay loves B on that level where they actually connect like that and know each other. Naïve?

File photo from TIMOTHY A. CLARY/