He’s charming, yes. I am happy he won, totally. I love how much he appreciated his moment, 100%. And I know how much you all are into him. So I will apologise in advance. Sorry. But I am over his eyebrows and the eyecock and the face acting silent movie-ing. Because it is annoying. Do you hate me?

I don’t think you should.

Because when he’s doing the eyebrows and the eyecock, this is a monkey sing monkey dance show. this is a circus performer being told to be please the crowd. This is for the Americans who hate French people - hi! I’m French but I’m not scary! Look, I can juggle! And I can walk funny into a wall! And isn’t my face so goofy?

If you really love him, you’d want to liberate him. It’s insulting to him.

Is there another character he can play? The season is over. I am done with George Valentin.