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I met Jeff Bridges a few months ago in Toronto during TIFF. He showed up at the Men Who Stare at Goats afterparty and I remember posting on my Twitter right away that he`s a sexy beast. It`s a lot of beard, but there`s something so compelling about him, about the way his eyes crinkle, and how he holds himself, and his cowboy boots and the pants, oh yeah, the pants. Damn.

Bridges is a sentimental favourite with the material this year to back it up – he’s now become the frontrunner in the Oscar Best Actor race as momentum for Colin Firth has lagged and George Clooney is pretending not to care. Jeff’s performance in Crazy Heart is said to be the best in his already distinguished career during which he has received 4 previous nominations. Given his popularity and his longevity in the business, right now, 8 weeks out, it’s definitely a good pick.

And how is Crazy Heart? Laura screened it last week and wrote to me that he is outstanding. A solid film, but a little distracting when Colin Farrell comes on. She was not a fan of his involvement. Said it took away from the characters. Obviously she doesn`t have a hard-on for Colin the way I do.

But we both appreciate - SO much – Maggie Gyllenhaal. GREAT new interview with Vanity Fair – click here. She says she wants to be Emma Thompson when she grows up. Adorable. Crazy Heart trailer is below. And also a clip of Jeff Bridges shooting with Colin Farrell.

Here`s Jeff at the NY Times Arts & Leisure Weekend on Sunday.

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