Remember when Tara Reid, that f-cking idiot, said earlier this year that there was to be a Big Lebowski 2 and the Coen brothers pretty much called her a f-cking idiot?

Ethan Coen: I’m glad she’s working on it. We’ll watch it when it comes out.

Joel Coen: Especially if Tara’s in it.

Then her publicist had to backtrack and say that she “misspoke”. (Source)

Not surprisingly, Tara Reid was not present at the New York launch of The Big Lebowski Blu-Ray event yesterday where Jeff Bridges, T-Bone Burnett, Julianne Moore, John Goodman, and Steve Buscemi gathered for a photo call and a Q&A. Hilarious Q&A. Because apparently the Lebowski crowd didn’t care about questions about filmmaking and such; they just, you know, wanted to... meditate? No, not exactly. But that’s how Jeff Bridges - of course! - got them to calm down. By asking them to meditate for 5 minutes! Click here to read more about the panel discussion. SO funny. And maybe even more so if you’ve seen the film and love the film. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the film.

There’s cool and then there’s Jeff Bridges. No one is fighting about this, right? He was back out there this morning making the rounds in support of his album. Attached - the video for the first single What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do.

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