Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux left the Ritz in Paris today. Given that she’s double-bagging, I’m assuming they’ve checked out. Look how friendly and smiley she is with the paps, even throwing up a wave. And she has so much reason to be these days. Jen is finally with someone who will play the game with her, happily. John Mayer couldn’t reconcile his love-hate relationship with her fame. Vince Vaughn struggled visibly. Justin on the other hand, Justin seems like he was waiting for it, and for her, the entire time. That, crazily enough, in HIS mind, he deserved a superstar relationship. And I feel like she believes it too. He can write and direct and act, her very own renaissance man…

And I’m good enough for him? And he sees something in me?

It’s classic. In many ways that’s what it was with Brad Pitt.

Also attached - Jen and Justin out for dinner at the Eiffel Tower last night.