Jenna Tatum and a Panda

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What’s cuter than a pregnant woman with a teddy bear? That’s rhetorical, because nothing, obviously.

I know very little about Jenna Dewan-Tatum, except that she dated Justin Timberlake, post-Britney/pre-Cameron. And of course she’s married to Channing Tatum.

This is where celebrity hierarchy becomes fascinating, because when they first hooked up, they were both solid Cs, having starred in Step Up together. Now Channing is A (I know, it’s hard to believe, but he’s earned it and he’s here to stay) but Jenna is still C. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s probably easier to stay married that way.

Here’s where it gets tricky though: She’s pregnant, so a pregnant C is like a B, and yet she has a Twitter problem. She tweets like a D.

It caught my attention last week when she tweeted that pregnant women shouldn’t be judged on their bodies, a clear reference to Kanye West’s girlfriend.

She also Tweeted her fans a thank you for being loving.

As Sarah pointed out in her General List of Celebrity Don’ts, this is a dangerous precedent to set. Also, can someone tell them all to stop RTing compliments? (Lainey: how about EVERYONE stop RTing compliments!?!)

Do you need your fans approval and love for a pregnancy? For a project, fine, you absolutely need their support but when it comes to growing a human life, is it that imperative that a follower is on your side? If you let them in now, in this way, where does it stop?

For Jenna (and every other pregnant woman out there): no reasonable person is judging you on your body and if they do they are assholes. It’s no coincidence that the celebrities who are being judged the harshest are the ones using their pregnancy to sell products, to promote reality shows, to sign weight-loss deals… you get the idea. They use their pregnancy as a marketing tool, and yes, even their weight.

But that’s not Jenna, so why she would jump into that fray I don’t know. Maybe it was a sweet and genuine (and hormonal) thought. Or maybe she wanted to promote this Glamour photo shoot.  Whatttttt? Oh I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Here she is posing with a panda, standing under a giraffe, and looking super pretty (although ever since Rielle Hunter I think stuffed animals should be banned in photos with women. Or altogether).  The interview is a complete snooze, but this isn’t Jenna’s fault. I mean how is one supposed to answer generic questions about what kind of parent they’ll be or work /life balance. No one is going to say “I’ll probably resent them and leave them with the nanny a lot.”

Unfortunately we are stuck with these insanely boring pregnancy interviews, maybe forever. It would have been far more interesting to read about why they decided to have the baby in London or if she’s worried about pooing herself (guess what Jenna, you WILL poo yourself) but the questions were humdrum, and it doesn’t seem like a lot of personality was behind the answers.

So is this just a sweet but dull person or does she know that being the pregnant wife of an A-lister comes with certain expectations, and she’s dutifully fulfilling that: Be cute, show your belly, always be nice and don’t talk about any of the gross stuff. If that’s the formula, Jenna gets an A.

Click here to read the Glamour article.

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