Jennie Garth: why bust your ass on Dancing with the Stars, drop 2 dress sizes, and show up in a cheap ass polyester garbage bag with gold tap shoes and cover up the body?


And why does the wedding hair persist? Why can’t the wedding hair die a quick death? You know the Wedding Hair. I know you know the Wedding Hair. A curling iron for everything but the bangs. Straight bangs parted to the side across the forehead and perfect waves everywhere else – walk by any photographer’s studio and you’ll see a bride with the Wedding Hair and her attendants also with the Wedding Hair gazing at you from the window.

Wedding Hair is WRONG.

Wedding Hair on a red carpet is an abomination.

Ps. About Jennie’s marriage…my smutty sense is tingling. Yours? Something about Peter Facinelli’s body language, something about the way he arrived with her last night, the set of his jaw when they called her name – something’s going on there. Trust.

photos from WENN