Brad and Angelina conquer Cannes. A Mighty Heart earns critical acclaim. The Oceans boys do not disappoint on 13. Mr and Mrs Pitt make out in the backseat of a car, world goes bananas, haters hate, Brangelunatics lose their sh-t…but the point is, everybody is talking. And no one is talking about Jen.

So like clockwork – a tabloid story surfaces about her writing a tell all book to the tune of $5 million. She promptly denies it through her publicist via ANOTHER tabloid – way to spread the ink space…and now, just 3 days after that, all of a sudden People Magazine is reporting that Jennifer Aniston went out on a date on Saturday night in Santa Monica. They waited for table as he rubbed her back (???) and then spent the next three hours romancing each other over a bottle of PELLEGRINO!!!

How ‘bout that for catering to the MiniVan Majority?

Anyway here’s Jen Memorial Day weekend with Courteney and her friends looking healthy and relaxed, contemplating the ocean and basking in contentment. Especially now that we’re talking about her again.

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