After a slump last year, Stephen Huvane has come out swinging. Brilliant, brilliant manoeuvres of late and a formidable sparring partner for the Pitts – matching them move for move so far after getting his ass handed to him last year.

Love it.

Last week we were teased – Jennifer Aniston spotted with a new dude, reported by People. They went out for dinner, he rubbed her back, she emerged happy and tanned and leggy, hanging out with her friends, conveniently immediately after Brad and Angelina made a sexy splash in Cannes.

And now, just 7 days later, on the same week Oceans 13 is scheduled for worldwide release…Jennifer Aniston lands the cover of People Magazine announcing the name of her hunky model boyfriend.

Coincidence… or conspiracy?


Please don’t tell me strategy has nothing to do with it.

As for the man… his name is Paul. He is 36, from the UK, used to date Lisa Snowden who used to date George Clooney and he’s hot. Hot in a not too pretty but super hunky hot way. Which is trouble for her.

Unless the Ocean Shouting has truly made her stronger and the Pilates and the suntanning has fed that fragile ego, a girl like Jen is waaay too insecure for a man like that.

I’m telling you…she needs the B List.

Like John Stamos. Or Michael Vartan, who has a new show coming out and wouldn’t mind the hype.