I said the other day that I couldn’t tell a difference…my bad. Apparently I hadn’t looked closely enough, and there are people who have spent a lot of time analysing both iterations – the nose before and the nose after: was it just a deviated septum? Not a plastic surgeon, can’t say for sure, but if you are – would love to hear your comments, send them along. To the untrained eye however there does appear to be a subtle but noticeable change. Compare – the left is what was, the right is what is…see the bridge? There appeared to have been a slight slight slight bump on the bridge which is now gone. And some new dents on the side too, like they’ve been shaved down a bit for a higher, slimmer schnoz overall. Now remember…the “official” word was a deviated septum, sleepless nights due to breathing problems. So the question is: does a deviated septum require a raised bridge and some shaved nostrils? Or is the Fraud up to her old tricks? Packaged personality, tampered hairline, questionable nose, happy-assisted Pilates physique…hell, aside from her lovely, lovely tits, is there anything authentic about Jennifer Aniston??? Just asking… Oh and by the way – her surgeon, Dr Dr. Raj Kanodia – an artist, really. Do you think he takes no-names? Wonder if I should take my own Hawk rock and leave it in his capable hands… Source