Now Lainey...I have sent you an email with high praises galore for your amazingly funny and witty gossip site. However...will you please lay off Jennifer Anniston??? I know you hate her but she has been through so much this year with monkey faced Brad getting involved with that dirty, publicity whore Angelina. I"m sorry but Angelina adopts kids and steals husbands just to get her filthy ass into the limelight. Once people start forgetting about her nappy face she pulls some stunt to more attention paid to her. So please...I am begging you...lay off Jenn. You may hate her but I love her and I hate to see her dignity trashed on your website. I wouldn"t care except that I love your gossip and I hate being frustrated by it. Thanks a fellow woman and empathize with Jenn will ya? Just try. Dear Michele: Sorry honey. I’m going to have to disagree on the dignity bit here. I don’t identify with celebrities or with any women for that matter who beg people for sympathy and play the victim card over and over again. You say she was blindsided, I say she had as much to do with the demise of her marriage as he did. Said it before and I’ll say it again: Jennifer Aniston is not the girl next door – unless you live in a neighbourhood where everyone starves themselves, gets addicted to suspicious diets, and tweaks their nipples for more attention. It’s too easy to believe the poor jilted wife routine. Read between the happy lines and accept the fact that she’s just as ridiculous as the other two in the triangle.