Literally. Eager to help out her BFF, in appreciation for the hours and hours and hours of weeping poor Courteney had to endure as her fragile friend tried to pull herself together after the divorce, Jennifer Aniston has not only agreed to guest star in Dirt, she apparently is also willing to to swing Sapphic in the process – clearly a shameless ratings gimmick but actually rather intriguing. Jennifer Aniston, heroine of the MiniVan Majority…Jennifer Aniston daring to break mold and actually play gay??? Whatever will they say on Sunday? How can they possibly excuse this at the PTA? A liplock with her best friend? Eve and Eve and definitely not Steve? A little bit of Angelina if only make believe? Well, as far as career moves go, I think this a good one. A little edgy, a little more bite – Rachel Green goes gay… And OF COURSE the MiniVan Majority will forgive her! Didn’t you know? Jen is SUCH a great friend she’d make the ultimate sacrifice in return and naturally, she’ll sell it that way as well. Artistic approval, public approval…looks like Huvane is finally getting it right. Source