Thanks to DB in Chicago who says that Angelina is not the only child-friendly Pitt lover in the world. It appears Jennifer Aniston has a soft spot for kids too so perhaps we can chalk up her frosty discomfort about babysitting on Regis to Shiloh stress? It must be hard…withholding your womb for years to the world"s sexiest man, only to know in the end that you were just a springboard for his true sperm destiny. Sigh. I"m becoming more pro-Pity every day. Here"s DB"s touching account: "I actually worked as an extra on The BreakUp for 5 days, including one day of re-shoots in March. Initially I was a Vince fan, and grew somewhat resentful of Jen. It seemed she has taken all the fun out of Vince. Anyway, the Chicago premier was Monday, and I went down to the theatre to watch arrivals. I took my 10 year old daughter and her friend. We got there early enough, and about 95% of the crowd had to move, they let the little girls remain right on the red carpet rope for arrivals. There are actually quite a few photos on wireimage with my daughter in them. I must say though, Jennifer Aniston was wonderful. She was the only celebrity who walked across the street to greet the fans and shake a few hands. When she got to the red carpet and saw the little girls she seemed genuinely delighted, gave them a huge smile, and signed autographs for the girls. She was wonderful and gracious, nice to my kid. So she"s ok in my book now. Vince was good as well and signed autographs for the girls, but seemed a little more rushed, I"m sure it"s because he had to do all the interviews on the red carpet, but that"s all right. Don"t know about the movie, probably won"t see it til next Monday. Vince is a funny guy and can pretty much make any movie tolerable with his wit. " And just to further drive the point home - may I present yet again my favourite Jennifer photo? She really does have magnificent breasts.