Well if it’s not black, it’s light pink/peach/cream with a few sequins but you know what? For once, let’s not focus on the boring, let’s focus instead on the brave. Because isn’t that what yoga brings to your life? Isn’t that the way of the Ocean? And isn’t that what they’ll all say today? “Jen was so brave to show up at the People’s Choice Awards knowing Vince was also winning last night, knowing what the tabs have been saying, knowing that the Pitts are in the midst of a full-fledged campaign on the road to Oscar…how much COURAGE must it have taken for her to get out of bed yesterday to face the cameras?” Yes, gossips…brave indeed. But not for deigning to appease her public. Instead, I applaud Jen for showing off a New Jen. A Jen with a gorgeous fuller figure, with gorgeous fuller breasts – she looked radiant last night, and even more so because, weight-obsessed that she is, she was actually comfortable enough with her new juicy healthy body to cloak it in the opposite of slimming black…a THAT is a refreshing media strategy. The message is subtle but it’s there: Pin thin vs Curvy, Dark & Branded vs. Light & Airy Jennifer Aniston …boring as hell, but no longer a victim? Well it’s about time. Source