A ten person police escort out of LAX? Click here and see for yourself via TMZ - Jen’s arrival yesterday wasn’t exactly quiet, it wasn’t exactly unattended, but it was definitely absolute chaos. Pappies amazingly alerted in advance to her arrival, a personal swat team alerted in advance for protection. And I’m not the only one curious about the overkill. TMZ also asked the question – why not use the back exit? Furthermore as Laura W pointed out in her email to me yesterday – if security is such a concern, why not take a private plane from any number of private and less publicly accessible airfields in and around the Los Angeles area? Answer: Because if that were the case, no one would have seen her. Don’t tell me someone like Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have the cash or the clout to make private travel arrangements. Hell, if Howie Mandel can score a private ride out of Heathrow within a few hours during the terrorist threat, Jennifer Aniston can CERTAINLY score a private ride out of London if she really wanted to, and something tells me that would take minutes. But then again – Brad Pitt is up for an Oscar nomination, the beautiful Angelina and her beautiful children are making waves in India, Reese Witherspoon is the new Pity Poster Girl, and even Nicole Kidman just landed a People Magazine cover. Do you smell jealousy? Or is Humble Jen really just trying to “live her life”? Please. Always a fraud, still a fraud.