Everyone is wondering about Jennifer Aniston’s new mystery man she was seen leaving Courteney Cox"s with on Oscar weekend on Oscar weekend. Name according to OK Magazine is Brian Bouma.

They met on the set of Travelling in Vancouver. It was initially reported that he was a dolly grip on the production but I’m told he’s actually a crane grip.

My sources tell me exclusively that on her last night in Vancouver, she treated members of cast and crew to a party dinner at the Tea House. While she was friendly and flirty with Aaron Eckhart the early part of the evening, she left to change afterwards, then came back and stayed until 2:30am chatting intimately with Bouma. Described to me as “nose to nose”.

Word is, since Jennifer wrapped on Traveling, Brian supposedly has not been back on the film which was still shooting this week in Vancouver with Eckhart.  Jennifer has apparently flown Brian out to join her briefly in Miami where she’s shooting Marley & Me with Owen Wilson though he"s said to be back in Vancouver now. Jen and Owen rehearsed at the beach the other day.

Jennifer Aniston sugar momma? Am all over it.

PS. More information on Brian Bouma. Rumour has it he dated Kristin Kreuk from Smallville and had his sights set on Megan Fox who is coming to Vancouver to work on Jason Reitman"s new movie. Looks like he"s landed a bigger fish?