First Oprah, now her friends, one by one, they are rallying in support. In response to Us Weekly"s cover story that Vince Vaughn dumped her ass, David Arquette, married to Jen"s BFF Courteney Cox, answered questions about the status of her relationship with Vince on a radio show, keeping the story alive much longer than it ever needed to be. What said the Bard again??? The lady doth protest too much? Here"s what David told the Star 98.7 morning crew: "That is complete horse doo-doo. It"s so funny, they say stupid things like, "Why"d Vince leave?" or something like that. And the answer is because he"s doing a movie! I mean, come on people!" Woah. Hold up. Does this qualify as official confirmation that they are/were together? And does this mean in 6 months we"ll finally get confirmation that they"re not? Here"s Jen in Chicago the other day, beautiful hair, beautiful eyes. VERY beautiful eyes. Quick question - did you know The Break Up comes out on DVD on Tuesday? Like, Oh My Goddess...isn"t that the most amazing coincidence ever??? Source and Source