If you haven’t seen last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy yet…STOP READING NOW, SKIP TO THE NEXT. Consider yourself warned, I’ll give you a few lines… ... … … Remember what I wrote yesterday? Too bad they can’t kill of Meredith? Well…there is hope and Shonda just might do the unexpected. However, E! Online tv columnist Kristin Veitch has been throwing out a few clues. Earlier this week she said that Grey’s will do what NO ONE thought they’d ever do – kill off a central, beloved character… almost unheard of on network television. Needless to say, given last night’s events, Meredith is Candidate #1. But then Kristin followed up with THIS teaser: (1) there is a death this week, (2) there is another death next week, and (3) one of those deaths will stick. Another death? And which one is permanent? My girl Duana, who actually happens to be a brilliant screenwriter herself, came up with the most inspired theory – Romeo and Juliet style. What if Derek thinks Meredith is dead, he can’t cope…and kills himself. And she wakes up and has to deal with Derek being gone? One more desertion in her dark and twisty life? Fantastic, non? Because if it’s one thing that could possibly trump Meredith dying, it is McDreamy dying. And if Shonda has the balls to do that? I will say nice things about Jennifer Aniston for 6 weeks straight. Source