A couple of weeks ago (prior to Sundance) I had my hair cut at Chris McMillan"s salon by one of his stylists, who sits across from Chris (...there is a kind of partition between he and Chris... ) as I was taking my seat, who was sitting with Chris but Ms.Aniston herself. Amazing how you can feel the energy of a salon full of cool people trying to act cool because she"s there. Which I assume she is a lot. Anyway, my point being... The hair is all hers. And magnificent... I tried to hear as much of the conversation as I could, she talked about returning Xmas presents and traveling somewhere soon. It was a noisy salon.... Maybe next time... Dear TS, Thanks girl. I"m happy to know it. And I think this just about settles the issue, don’t you? JenJen might be "tv girl" forever, but no one can take away her hair. At the end of the day - I"m sure that"s all that matters.